ziwia documentation

ZIWIA is an API client for Kraken Bitcoin exchange site. It fully supports version 0 of Kraken’s API. Main goal of this project is to make it as easy as possible to contact Kraken, get information you need and return data in readable format.

WARNING: At the moment, ziwia is still in early development stage. I would really appreciate any bug report or idea how to improve it.


  • Data returned as JSON.
  • Parameters are checked before connection.
  • Proxy support.


Ziwia requires requests library to work properly. See: Installation.


ziwia.Api This class is responsible for creatin Kraken API calls.
ziwia.Api.__init__ Constructor.
ziwia.Api.public Creates a public API call.
ziwia.Api.time Gets current server time.
ziwia.Api.assets Returns Assets from Kraken.
ziwia.Api.asset_pairs Returns Assets Pairs from Kraken.
ziwia.Api.ticker Gets pair name ticker values like.
ziwia.Api.ohlc Returns OLHC asset pairs values.
ziwia.Api.depth Returns market depth for selected asset pairs.
ziwia.Api.trades Get recent trades of selected asset pairs.
ziwia.Api.spread Get recent spread data of selected asset pairs.
ziwia.Api.private Perform a private API call.
ziwia.Api.balance Gets User account balance in all currencies.
ziwia.Api.trade_balance Gets User trade balance.
ziwia.Api.open_orders Gets User opened orders.
ziwia.Api.closed_orders Returns closed orders according to parameters.
ziwia.Api.query_orders Returns orders info.
ziwia.Api.trades_history Gets trades history.
ziwia.Api.query_trades Returns trade info.
ziwia.Api.open_positions Returns open positions list.
ziwia.Api.ledgers Returns ledgers list.
ziwia.Api.query_ledgers Returns ledger info.
ziwia.Api.trade_volume Gets trade volume.
ziwia.Api.add_order Adds exchange order to your account.
ziwia.Api.cancel_order Cancels order.

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